Fire Sense

Fire Sense is a unique device that works with any smoke detector and monitors your home for smoke.

Wind Safe Shutters Believes In Safety First!

We are the Exclusive Supplier of Fire Sense.


The strength of roll down shutters makes them the ultimate for storm and personal property protection. But that strength that you rely on also creates a barrier for emergency personnel trying to access your home or building. In emergency situations, time is of the essence. The national average response time of EMS in an urban area is under 15 minutes. In a fire, victims of fire can succumb to carbon monoxide poisoning and other toxic gas related injuries within minutes. You don't want first responders to waste precious time cutting through a shutter just to gain access to your home.


firesenseplate4Fire sense works with any smoke detector. When the smoke alarm is triggered, Fire Sense will automatically open your shutters allowing first responders to access the home and allow you and your family to escape to safety.


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