Accordian Shutters

Accordion shutters offer a high quality, cost effective hurricane protection solution.

accordion with clear slat1Accordion shutters constructed of high quality extruded aluminum slats,accordion shutters move horizontally between an upper and lower track. When fully opened, accordion shutters stack on the left and right side of the opening at approximately 1 inch per linear foot of shutter. Hence a 10 foot shutter would require only 5 inches at each end when opened.

Accordion shutters are manually operated and can be easily opened or closed from the outside or from the inside by removing the window screen. Wind Safe Shutters offers accordion shutters in a range of colors to suit your decor and tastes including Beige, White, Ivory and Bronze.

Accordion shutters can also be configured with a clear polycarbonate slat. This allows for additional light inside of your home while your shutters are closed and provides the ability to see outside without scrificing your hurricane protection.